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What would we be without art? KAPOW provides an open platform for both fresh talent and established artists to do what they feel like doing. By discovering, mentoring & bringing artists together we give these creatives a boost, or simply a place to exchange ideas and make them happen.
We make connections, organize expos & workshops, and look for gray walls that we can brighten with a lot of color. Are you creative or just want to realize something cool? Then KAPOW is the place to be!



Throughout the year, local or international artists also come on residency at KAPOW. For a few weeks they use our site as their playground and as an oasis of inspiration. This creates a unique interaction between KAPOW and the artist! This residency period is also always linked to an expo, with exclusive work by the artist (and a "buy-or-burn" on the last day - so says tradition). Wondering who will be our next resident? Take a look at our news-page!

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