KAPOW is an open house and a breeding place of talent and vibrant ideas. Our base in Nieuwland is not only a starting point, it is also a destination. It is the center of our operation, where everything and everyone comes together. Everyone is more than welcome with us!


Besides a shop, bar and surfclub (including surframp) we also have a music studio and a large blank space that can be filled according to the needs of the artist.


At the same time, we also go outdoors. We read what's going on in our neighborhood and city, and respond to it further. If we see a positive wave emerging, we want to surf on it!

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Matthias aka Mistah Matt describes himself as an artistic smooth operator. He first started organizing events in his local hometown Oostduinkerke, and later in Kinshasa (DRC), Trujillo (Peru) and Cebu (Philippines), just to name a few. Since 2014 he runs 'the organic playground' in the center of Ghent.

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Kwame is a Ghent based hip-hop artist with Ghanaian roots who is committed to developing musical talent among young people from various backgrounds. Previously he was a youth worker at vzw Jong. Now he regularly gives workshops for Graffiti vzw and he is a fixed value at KAPOW.


Kwame is constantly recording the voice of young people mainly from the Rabot neighborhood, the Brugse Poort and the Macharius neighborhood (in collaboration with LARF!). He offers these young people personal coaching and stage opportunities.

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