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Samortal intervention @ skatepark Blaarmeersen

Our friend at home and emerging artist Samortal had the honor in collaboration with KAPOW to pimp the lockers at skatepark Blaarmeersen!

Musical residence

We round up another successful musical residency at KAPOW, this time from producer Jenswal & rapper Yung Camel! Throughout the month of November, they retreated to the KAPOW music studio to record and create a beautiful EP called "Search Further. At the end of the month, they introduced their final product live at the KAPOW playground in front of a full and enthusiastic audience!


Together with Skateistan and Fedasil, we host Skate & Create classes for newcomers to provide a safe space for young people to develop relationships and skills that overcome deep social barriers to nurture positive growth.


Watch the video to see what we do and learn more about the project!

Culture Shock

KAPOW was also on hand at Culture Shock! We brought 20 different young artists together on one stage, and built a skate camp with lots of live action!


With #beastig we went looking for musical talent in Ghent this summer. We recorded them and made a video clip. This winter we will go further and have them perform with a live band in front of an audience of programmers. The rest will become history. Shout out to Graffiti vzw!


Ten years of KAPOW and just then corona breaks out. So we decided to let 10 musicians who helped shape KAPOW over the years perform via a livestream. Ten minutes each time, at 10 o'clock in the morning. Vibes all over, right into your living room.


Starting a surf club in the heart of Ghent where there is no North Sea? Ride on!


We take you #intothesea through the rental of surf equipment, or through membership. And not only youngsters from our neighbourhood are excited, surfers from Antwerp and Brussels are finding their way to us. Oh yes, the opening was wild!


'An anatomical configuration with latex on a living model as performance'. Indeed, doesn't sound so ordinary, and it wasn't like that.


A collaboration with Leeroy New and Ea Torrado from the Philippines and Suntapes from Ghent. More of that!

Kapow in Kinshasa

Start a skate clan, make music and paint walls? Sounds like KAPOW! A great honor to be able to do that at the first ever biennial in Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of Congo.


EP Release

A dark electronic hip hop trip? Yes please! And where better than in our organic playground? Amazumi did not disappoint during her EP release, love all over.

Pizzeria Da Canemorto

We've hosted quite a few freaked out art shows with us by now. But turning it into a crazy pizzeria led by Canemorto is another story! Enjoy.

Sorry Not Sorry

The first edition of the street art festival Sorry Not Sorry still gives us goosebumps. For three days we connected with everything and everyone on our playground. With special guest Soika Vomiter from the Philippines. Fire.

Exodus Morocco

Our first trip overseas with Ghent artists was one to remember. For a month we went looking for an interesting dialogue in Morocco. Long live spontaneity.

Kapow Festival

The birth of KAPOW where skateboarding, art, music and most of all lots of good vibes came to life. The beginning of a flipped decade.

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