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A cosy club for wave surfers in Ghent.

You can find our Surfclub at Huidevetterken 24. Here you can rent equipment, surf on our wave, or have a drink!

Rental ~ Membership ~ Sessions

Surfbaar was born two years ago from a wild idea of passionate surfers. Meanwhile we are working on our third season. Especially people from Ghent, but also people from Antwerp and Brussels find their way to us.


We have about 35 wetsuits from Olaian and Hurley, 27 soft tops, and since this year about 6 hard boards in our quiver.


We mainly choose soft tops because they are

safe, fun, and ideal for the conditions in Belgium. Something for everyone! From 6 foot shortboards to 9 foot longboards.


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With our members, we build community and encourage carpooling. This can result in surfing sessions together and new friendships.


Members can also borrow free equipment from us

(if it is available) and let us know one day in advance. Then it will be ready and they can come and drop it off what suits them best. Via a numerical code you are as free as a bird.


Our season runs from June 15 to November 15.

Oh yes, of course you can also rent equipment from us.

Send us a message via the socials!

Surf’s up!

Click the button above, fill out the form and email it along with a proof copy to meeinzee@gmail.com!


For Surfbaar vol. 3 we built a surframp together with the technology campus KU Leuven. 


This gives us our own wave in Ghent to train on. Or when it's flat at sea, off course.


Here you see Mathias, one of Belgium's finest riders, testing our wave! ("epic surf" , as he said himself ✨)

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